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raight to your door.

Papa Luigi Dial-a-Pizza launched in 1983 as a pizza delivery service in Peterborough. The service has now expanded to serve Milton Keynes, Huntingdon and Northampton.

So if you're looking for a pizza delivery service where you can order online in Peterborough, Huntingdon, Milton Keynes or Northampton then you have come to the right place.

Takeaway Pizza is also no problem, with take-out specials available on pizza from all five Papa Luigi stores.

You can choose to view our menus above, or alternatively, hit order online to get the authentic taste of Italy delivered straight to your door right now.


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All about Pizza

Pizza has emerged as one of the most popular dishes in the UK today. But the history of pizza is a long one. It is first believed to have appeared in Naples before the turn of the first millenium, where it was a dish which was served as a cheap food to locals, made from dough which had been used to test the temperature of the oven by bakers.

Pizza came to the English-speaking world much later on, when Italian immigrants entered America. Cities with high Italian populations such as New York saw cafes begin to sell pizza to the local Italian-American population.

Pizza is usually a dough base with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese with a selection of toppings. In 1990, a South African supermarket chain took this idea to the next level, when they built the world's largest pizza.

Papa Luigi Dial-a-Pizza emerged in 1983 and was the UK's First Pizza Delivery service. The company has gone from strength to strength with stores across the region in Peterborough, Northampton, Milton Keynes and Huntingdon.

The Local Area

Peterborough's football team The Posh have their ground on the London Road just a stone's throw away from Papa Luigi's store.

Papa Luigi Pizza have been proudly serving pizza in Peterborough for a number of years. Over 25 in fact, and have made many commemorative pizzas in their Peterborough Store. The association with football in the town was notable when Papa Luigi made a special world cup inspired pizza called The Capello and invited Fabio Capello lookalike to come and launch it. Local Peterborough pizza fans were delighted and the pizza was very popular in both Peterborough and across all of the papa luigi stores in Huntingdon, Northampton and Milton Keynes. Van Hire Peterborough.

Pizza Peterborough
As the home of delivery pizza, Peterborough has a great tradition of ensuring that when you order a pizza, you get your pizza fast. That's why Papa Luigi use state of the art technology to ensure that any pizzas going to any of our customers in any of our stores be that Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Huntingdon or Northampton will get there in record time, and still be piping hot!

Milton Keynes
Papa Luigi Milton Keynes has been providing Pizza in the local area for over 20 years. Papa Luigi Pizza is famed for it's yummy great taste and fresh ingredients.

Papa Luigi Pizza serve the entire of Milton Keynes by our super quick delivery service. Or, if you like, you can drive through Milton Keynes yourself and visit our store in Stacey Bushes. Whatever you choose you'll always be greated with a smile. We all know that Milton Keynes is famed for its cows, that's why on the 20th Anniversary of the Milton Keynes store opening, Papa Luigi created a pizza made in the shape of a cow! It was featured in a number of local news papers in Milton Keynes and also in the national press!

Pizza Milton Keynes
Thanks to the fantastic grid system, Milton Keynes is the greatest place to live if you want hot fresh pizza. Not only do we serve up fresh pizza in minutes from our kitchen in Stacey Bushes, but we also zip it across town to you in a few short minutes meaning that your pizza tastes delicious. Just as it should.